Colm Ahern

Technical Architect / Software Developer / Consultant

Based in Dublin, Ireland

Thanks for visiting. I had this great idea to write many articles (mostly programming-related) since launching this website as I have quite a lot of code sitting at home which others might find useful. As of Spring 2019, that has not happened! At least the intention was there!

I am a Dublin based programmer, currently working with one of the main banks here as a Data Analyst. My background is writing solutions mostly using the .net stack. I am really interested in new ways of implementing technical solutions, particularly running inside the Windows Azure ecosystem and enjoy playing with the offerings on Azure.

Besides .net/C# development, I also enjoy

  • JavaScript
  • Elasticsearch
  • Mongodb, and pretty much any document database
  • Data
  • Scraping websites for useful data
  • Cloud (Windows Azure)
  • APIs
  • Tech news
  • Dodging fake news

If you need to get in touch, my email address is